The Auction and the Journey

Written for the Equestrian News & Lifestyle Magazine June 2018

Regardez Moi and Heath winning at Equitana for the third consecutive year. (Photo credit Stephen Mowbray)

Heath and Rozzie Ryan are well known Equestrian identities on the Australian scene. Both of them have been involved in riding for Australia at World Equestrian Games and Olympics and World Cup Finals and major three day events overseas and at other international competitions. On the Australian scene their involvement is even more diverse with Rozzie about to head off to Boneo Park in Victoria for the Winter Dressage CDI with her two Grand Prix horses whilst Heath is about to start the young stallion Wimborne Constable in his first 3* one day event. However probably more urgent right now is the organising for the July Auction of the Stars (AOS) to be held on Heath and Rozzie’s home facility in Heatherbrae, NSW on the 28th & 29th July. This is a monster production when Ryans and the Byalee mob headed up by Ann-Maree Lourey combine forces to produce an Australian icon event where some of Australia’s best up and coming competition horses are sourced by riders of the future and also existing Australian super stars. This production is the Auction of the Stars.

Rozzie Ryan. Being part of what she loves.

So what does an event of this magnitude need to become a reality?
1. Firstly sourcing really good horses in the Olympic disciplines for an Auction is almost impossible. Traditionally Auctions are for horses that have not been successful and the owners are not able to sell privately or the horses are those that have vices or soundness issues which are sometimes overlooked in an Auction situation. Consequently Auctions do tend to be cheap prices for discard horses.

Ann-Maree and Dimity Lourey

So what is different with the horses in Auction of the Stars (AOS)? Heath and Rozzie and Ann-Maree actually put their names to these horses. That’s a big deal. Heath and Rozzie will breed 40 foals a year and have been doing this for 40 years. Actually there have been some years where 70 foals have been born at Ryans. All of the breeding has been continually updated with the best genetics in the World particularly in the Dressage and Eventing programs. The stallions which make up the AOS presentation have been very successful in competition at the highest levels and Regardez Moi has been the Australian Grand Prix Champion on three separate occasions. The broodmares are a collection of the genes packaged together over the last four decades and perhaps represent the most state of the art collection of broodmares anywhere in the world. The bloodlines include all of the icon dressage dynasties that exist in Europe. Donnerhall, Rubinstein, Ferro, Weltmeyer, Jazz, Florestan, Sandro Hit, Pik Bube, Angelo, Consul, Bjorsells Briar 899, Bernstein, Landadel, Aktion, QuandoQuando, Brentano II, Wenzel, Hohenstein, Florencio, Lauries Crusader, Gribaldi, Vivaldi, Salute, Don Schufro, De Niro and Totilas. Its from these bloodlines that the Auction of the Stars sources most of the Lots offered.

Bree Tillitzki who has been at Ryans for 12 years. Bree seen here riding the stallion Fiji R in the CDN Grand Prix class at the 2018 Sydney CDI dressage show. (Photo credit Amy-Sue Alston)

“At a personal level this is tough. I am offering for sale Utopian Cardinal who is my life’s work and a partner who has backed me in the biggest arenas at the most important dressage shows in Australia. Selling good horses is emotionally tough.”

2. How do you take a well bred youngster and start its education and schooling in such a way so as to optimise its likelihood to reach its potential? This is a very tricky aspect of producing top competition horses and its probably realistic to say that 90% of good horses in Australia are irretrievably compromised by less than expert training by the time they are 5 years of age. There are of course riders out there in Australia who do a great job however finding a collection of riders in one facility other than a family, probably does not exist anywhere else in Australia, other than Ryans. At Ryans there are up to 7 full time riders working the horses each day and many of these riders have actually been at Ryans for up to 10 years. These riders are all given one or more lessons a week from Heath and/or Rozzie. Currently there are three riders not counting Heath or Rozzie who have trained and competed and are competing right now at Grand Prix dressage. It is also worth noting that on the Byalee side of the equation Ann-Maree’s daughter Dimity is also competing Grand Prix. Dimity is also very involved with producing for the AOS. There are at Ryans three riders who have competed successfully at 3* Eventing level and this includes Hazel Shannon who won the only 4* in the Southern Hemisphere, Adelaide International Three day event in 2016. Quite frankly this is an amazing team no matter where you are anywhere in the World. It is this team that will oversee the training of the young horses for the Auction of the Stars.

Sarah Clark who is the baby of the Ryan team on her first pony ASH Starlight (Starry). Starry is offered for sale at the July AOS 2018. Starry has competed at Prix St George dressage and will jump 1.10m which is nearly as tall as her. (Photo credit Peter Stoop)

“The staff at Ryans would be the super star number 1 rider at most stables anywhere in the World. I do know how lucky I am to have these riders. At Ryans we do not have grooms, everyone is a rider in training.”

3. The Auction of the Stars then needs buyers and people who have confidence in Heath and Rozzie and Ann-Maree and the horses and the process. This is very tricky and requires enormous skills in Event management, enormous effort in advertising which includes social media, print media, personal connections and dialogue between buyers and representatives of the Auction of the Stars. Given the stigma associated with traditional Auctions this is all more easily said than done. At Ryans most of the skill development is focused on riding and so this section of the Auction, public relations, depends upon staff having some natural flair for this aspect of the Auction. Ryans are lucky in having Jenny Lamb who originally started some 15 years ago as the part-time bookkeeper. Jenny evolved into the most driven Event Organiser and can be found driving not only the Auction of the Stars but also the fundraising Black Tie Ball for the last Olympics at Rio for Australian based riders to Christmas parties etc etc. Over the years buyers have developed confidence in the AOS and a couple of years ago the AOS had a really good sale but returned the most amazing statistic in every buyer had bought sometime previously at a prior Auction. Repeat buyers at the AOS are a really big percentage of the customers and this is a great indication of the confidence that buyers have developed over the years in the Auction process and the quality of the AOS offered horses.

Hazel Shannon who has been at Ryans for 8 years having never ridden in Eventing before joining the team. Photographed with Willingapark Clifford winning the Adelaide International 4* three day event in 2016. (Photo credit Julie Wilson)

“I have never worked a day in my life. Each morning I get up and do exactly what I want to do with people who are my friends, my family and people who I have the greatest respect for. Most of the buyers are also friends and peers.”

4. Perhaps the biggest test of time is how successful have the horses sold through the Auction gone on to be. Without a doubt the success of these horses is evolving into a stand out story. These are just a couple of the successful partnerships that evolved through the sourcing of horses through the Auction of the Stars.
• Stirling Stilton (gelding) sold 1994 as a 3yo. Represented Australia at the WEG 2002 Spain in dressage.
• Stirling Sprite (stallion) sold 1991 as a weanling. Sire of Adelaide Hills who this year won the 3* at Sydney Three Day Event and is now in contention for the Australian WEG 2018 team.
• CP Dresden (gelding) sold 2011 as a 4yo. Currently Grand Prix with Alycia Targa. Won the CDN Grand Prix at Willinga Park 2018.
• Aspire R (gelding) sold 2009 as a 4yo. Went on to win 3* eventing and then sold to the USA.
• Jude (colt) sold 2006 as a weanling. Won the CDN Grand Prix at Sydney CDI 2018.
• Questing Atticus R (colt) sold in-utero 2015. Supreme Champion (Champion of Champions) 2018 AWHA National Championship and Classification Tour. Scored a 10 for trot, 8.5 for canter and 9.125 for walk.

Sappho Ransan-Elliot who has been with Ryans for 12 years. Pictured on the stallion Desert Storm in full flight show jumping.

“Originally the breeding program was conceptual around supplying Rozzie and myself with horses to represent Australia at the Olympics on. It still is focused on Olympics however the selling of some of these horses helps pay for the passion.”
At Ryans there is never a dull moment and the Auction is just part of the journey. Our biggest secret goal (not secret anymore) is to have three of the Ryans riders to make the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Everyone at Ryans is throwing everything they have at every moment of every day!
“Today there are probably 7000 Equestrian Australia members who potentially could make the final Australian considerations for the 2020 Olympic Games. Realistically there will be no more than 10 serious considerations at the final trials in each of the disciplines in show jumping, dressage and eventing. At the end of the day its just those riders who dare to plan and then never give up.”

Cathryn Herbert who has been with Ryans 2 years. Cathryn completed her Engineering degree at Curtin University, WA where she passed with first class honours. Cathryn is responsible for pioneering the online Auction facility that is now part of the AOS. (Photo credit Tom Testone)


December 2017 - Auction Report

The Auction of the Stars team survived a hot and humid weekend to finish off the year with a great sale! Top-priced horse was the beautiful medium-level mare Byalee Fashion ... the very first MSJ Nemo foals were sold for $10,000 and $10,500 ... and there were some amazing bargains to be had in the unreserved stallion service fees!
Some young riders out there will have their best Christmas ever after winning jumping prospects like Blue Note ($8000) and Brandy Time ($13,000). Tomfoolery R (FEI dressage horse AND FEI eventer) and the amazing medium/advanced dressage mare by Regardez Moi, Rossignole, were both passed in at $29,500 - but we would love to negotiate on these as well as any of the passed-in lots.
New baby stallions on the block MSJ Nemo debuted with Hazel Shannon, Byalee Salao IX debuted with Ann-Maree Lourey, and the grand old men of dressage, Jive Magic and Regardez Moi, made special cameo appearances.
Online bidding and phone bidding were as popular as ever, as was the live-streaming on both Saturday and Sunday! We are looking forward to continuing to develop these areas as we move into 2018.
Thank you to all of the people who help us out and especially to our ‘resident’ auctioneer, Andrew Hearn! We couldn’t do it without him!
Results for yesterday's auction:
Lot A: $800/$700
Lot B: $850/$825
Lot C: $675/$700
Lot D: $950/$1000
Lot E: $1600/$1600
Lot F: $525/$500
Lot G: $500/$500
Lot H: $1000/$1025
Lot I: $800/$825
Lot J: $750/$825

Lot 1: $6250
Lot 2: withdrawn (foot abscess) but still for sale!
Lot 3: $10,500
Lot 4: PI $29,500
Lot 5: $16,500
Lot 6: $6500
Lot 7: PI $8500
Lot 8: PI $11,750
Lot 9: PI $11,750
Lot 10: PI $29,500
Lot 11: $4200
Lot 12: $24,000
Lot 13: $6000
Lot 14: $8000
Lot 15: PI $4750
Lot 16: $10,000
Lot 17: PI $4750
Lot 18: $13,000
Lot 19: PI $4300
Lot 20: PI $12,500
Lot 21: $7400
Lot 22: $9000
Lot 23: $7500
Lot 24: $8400
Lot 25: $3850


July 2017 - Auction Report

Another huge weekend is over for Auction of the Stars with the conclusion of our winter performance horse auction!

And while prices may have been a little down on some years, the clearance rate was one of our highest at more than 73% with the top-priced horse the undisputed pin-up boy of the auction, HP Quaterlander, with a great price tag of $40,000 + gst.

Next-priced horse was another goodlooking chestnut, Woodside Raphael, who sold to Western Australia for $20,000 + gst.

Online bidding was introduced for the very first time at one of our performance horse auctions and what a success it was, with opening bids flying in before the auctioneer even lifted his microphone on each lot! This latest innovation followed a practice run during lead-up week, where an online silent auction featured an extra service fee to each stallion (including the newest AOS stallion, Nemo R).

We are thrilled with the results - a number of horses were bought online and much spirited bidding was enjoyed being online versus the floor versus the phone! We do thank you for your patience as we modify our newly purchased software package to satisfy the exact needs of Auction of the Stars and its enthusiastic clients!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to buy or watch, to those who logged in to the live stream from Wild Colt Productions' Australian Equine Network to watch, and to those who phoned or logged in to bid. Thank you also to all of the people who volunteer their time and energy at each auction to allow us to run our weekends - it is truly is appreciated!

Don't forget, Christmas is coming ... we look forward to seeing you again on December 16/17 for our annual Christmas extravaganza!

Lot A - $850 & $875
Lot B - $850 x 2
Lot C -$900 & $850
Lot D - $1025 & $975
Lot E - $1025 & $1150
Lot F - $625 & $600
Lot G - $500 & $525
Lot H - $950 x 2
Lot 1 - $8000
Lot 2 - $40,000
Lot 3 - $6900
Lot 4 - scratched
Lot 5 - Passed in $5050
Lot 6 - $3800
Lot 7 - passed in $6750
Lot 8 - $3050
Lot 9 - $6200
Lot 10 - $4150
Lot 11 - Passed in $14,850
Lot 12 - Passed in $7750
Lot 13 - $20,000
Lot 14 - $10,100
Lot 15 - $6500
Lot 16 - $4100
Lot 17 - $7200
Lot 18 - $9750
Lot 19 - $7750
Lot 20 - $13,250
Lot 21 - passed in $4500
Lot 22 - $17,600
Lot 23 - passed in $4750
Lot 24 - passed in $4750
Lot 25 - $11,300
Lot 26 - $8000
Lot 27 - $6250

Special thanks to all of the Auction of the Stars sponsors ...
Wholly Relics
Imperial Floats
Darling Downs Horse Transport
Hanns Horse Transport
Widespan Sheds
Horse Deals Magazine


December 2016 - Auction Report

It was a huge weekend for Auction of the Stars at Ryans, Heatherbrae, NSW this weekend - our Christmas performance sale is traditionally our biggest celebration of the year, and this year it followed our huge Road to Rio weekend in July, making 2017 an amazing year!

Selling a quarter of a million dollars worth of horses and service fees, top price for the December auction was the beautiful black Sir Donnerhall stallion Go Heaven Sent, which changed hands for $27,000. At the other end of the scale, the bargain of the day was a Jive Magic (imp) mare, PHE Jem, sold for $4000.

But there were plenty of opportunities to take home a horse with stunning Olympic bloodlines for under $10,000, as well as two-for-one packages of mares with foals at foot, or mares in foal with live foal guarantees.

For us it was a first - we were the first performance horse auction company to introduce online bidding at our sales, and we had a great reaction with six of the 26 horses sold selling over the internet, which was in addition to our many phone bids. It does seem that this could be the way of the future, and it was great to see bidders from all over Australia successfully bidding.

Of course Auction of the Stars is all about educational entertainment as well, and one of the highlights of the weekend was undoubtedly a Grand Prix quadrille starring Heath Ryan on Utopian Cardinal, Rozzie Ryan on Jarrah R, Bree Tillitzki on Fiji R and Sappho Ransan-Elliott on Remember Me. The quadrille followed a dressage masterclass with the eight AOS stallions and a jumping masterclass featuring a selection of the stallions and nominated horses for sale.

Auction of the Stars would like to thank everyone who helped to make the weekend a success - so many people come together to prepare the arena, set up and feed the VIPs, keep us on the airwaves, organise the stables and the trials, set up the signs out on the highway ... there are the spotters, the runners, those who take the phone bids, those who help with the freeschooling and fence moving, marshals who keep us all in line and on time, and an army of behind-the-scenes administrators and do-everything type people who make the impossible possible.

And of course it is only possible with the continued support of the buyers - so thank you to everyone who was part of the weekend. The horses that were passed in, as well as the three horses that were withdrawn, are all immediately available for sale and we would love to hear from interested buyers - send us a PM, or call Heath Ryan on 0417 656 636. Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you at our winter auction in 2017!

Lot A $1350 and $1350
Lot B $950 and $800
Lot C $600 and $625
Lot D $900 and $875
Lot E $1350 and $1350
Lot F $775 and $750
Lot G $575 and $650
Lot H $1075 and $1075

Lot 1 Passed In $35,000
Lot 2 Passed In $6750
Lot 3 Sold $6750
Lot 4 Sold $10000
Lot 5 Withdrawn
Lot 6 Sold $27000
Lot 7 Sold $15000
Lot 8 Passed In $9750
Lot 9 Sold $5250
Lot 10 Sold $15000
Lot 11 Passed In $4750
Lot 12 Passed In $1500
Lot 13 Passed In $29500
Lot 14 Sold $5000
Lot 15 Sold $10750
Lot 16 Sold $6500
Lot 17 Sold $4000
Lot 18 Sold $9250
Lot 19 Sold $5000
Lot 20 Sold $6250
Lot 21 Sold $9500
Lot 22 Passed In $7750
Lot 23 Sold $10000
Lot 24 Sold $5500
Lot 25 Sold $6500
Lot 26 Passed In $4750
Lot 27 Sold $6000
Lot 28 Sold $5000
Lot 29 Sold $8000
Lot 30 Sold $7500
Lot 31 Passed In $14500
Lot 32 Passed In $4750
Lot 33 Withdrawn
Lot 34 Sold $5750
Lot 35 Withdrawn
Lot 36 Passed In $4900
Lot 37 Sold $9000
Lot 38 Sold $6000
Lot 39 Sold $5750
Lot 40 Passed In $4750
Lot 41 Byalee J'Sense Sold $5000


December 2015 - Auction Report

An amazing day at Auction of the Stars today - 38 degrees and the bidding was hot as well!

It would appear that a new record was set for AOS after almost 15 years, with Byalee Breathless selling for $66,000 plus GST, a total of $72,600 - and in recognition of his talent and training, he was bought by an established and successful Grand Prix rider - we wish her every success! Ironically, this same horse was passed in at AOS in 2010 for just $11,000 as an unbroken youngster, proving that the horses offered by AOS are most definitely some of the best in the country. There must be some people today wishing they had put their hand up five years ago!!

Auction of the Stars is the longest-running, most successaful performance horse auction company in Australia, and directors Heath Ryan and Ann-Maree Lourey ensure that it is continually evolving, as the equestrian industry grows and changes both here and overseas. We have had riding horse auctions, foal auctions, mixed auctions, constantly experimenting to continue to improve. There are dressage masterclasses and jumping masterclasses. And this weekend there were bargains to be had - when Heath Ryan decides that there really are NOT enough hours in the day to break in and ride 70+ foals a year, there is the unique chance to buy quality broodmares with the most wonderful pedigrees and at wonderful prices! And there were baby riding horses at great prices, and service fees at discounts that made the breeders happy!

Regardez Moi was the grandest old man at age 19, with stablemate Jive Magic making a guest appearance, and baby Questing R showed just how the young AOS stallions improve as they grow and progress in their training.

Happiest of all were the winners of the lucky door prizes, with top prize being a free service fee to the AOS stallion of their choice - with 8 to choose from, what a choice!

The results of today's sales, which saw horses sold to almost every State in Australia, were as follows:

Lot A $1100 and $1000
Lot B $800 and $750
Lot C $950 and $900
Lot D $900 and $1025
Lot E $700 and $700
Lot F $1100 and $1050
Lot G $475 and $475
Lot H $1225 and $1050

Lot 1 passed in $50,000
Lot 2 sold $5900
Lot 3 passed in $3750
Lot 4 sold $66000
Lot 5 passed in $5000
Lot 6 withdrawn due to bereavement in family - still for sale
Lot 7 sold $12,500
Lot 8 passed in $9750
Lot 9 passed in due to injury - for sale when back in work
Lot 10 sold $7600
Lot 11 passed in $23,000
Lot 12 passed in $4000
Lot 13 sold $8000
Lot 14 sold $11,500
Lot 15 passed in $12,500
Lot 16 passed in $8000
Lot 17 passed in $32,000
Lot 18 sold $8400
Lot 19 withdrawn due to injury, sold $12,000 pending
Lot 20 sold $10,000
Lot 21 sold $10,000
Lot 22 sold $5500
Lot 23 sold $12,700
Lot 24 passed in $7000
Lot 25 sold $9000
Lot 26 sold $5750
Lot 27 sold $5600
Lot 28 sold $9000
Lot 29 $12,250
Lot 30 sold $7250
Lot 31 withdrawn
Lot 32 passed in $4000
Lot 33 withdrawn due to medical condition - still for sale
Lot 34 passed in $7500
Lot 35 passed in $8000
Lot 36 passed in $11,000?
Lot 37 passed in $7000
Lot 38 withdrawn due to minor injury - still for sale
Lot 39 sold $6000

A special thanks to all the people who come together to make the Auction of the Stars team so special - auctioneer extraordinaire Andrew Hearn, who is always on hand with Grand Prix riding wife Sue to help it all run smoothly; our number one spotter Jeff Sharpe, who has been at every auction for more years than we can count as well as regular Hunter spotter Bill Bilsborough; Simon Ryan, and all the other Ryans who throw themselves at any and every task; Jake, our amazing soundman, who listens to every word we speak all weekend to ensure we are crystal clear; Jenny Lamb and Leanne Tillitzki who, together with Rozzie Ryan, lead an incredible band of workers to keep the office and VIP area under control as Heath and I throw spanners in the works are regular intervals; the whole Clarke family who, with daughters Jess and Jazz, give up weekends of their lives to help our freeschooling and trialling go smoothly; Bruce McVey and Jonah Bevan who, again with a host of helpers, front up to man our Saturday night sizzle; Abigail Croyston, who has the unenviable task of marshalling the troops to ensure that every horse hits the ring on time and avoids the wrath of Ryan; the vendors and their grooms who are up and about at 4.30am to perfect their presentations; the myriad of working pupils and work experience pupils and staff who support Ryans and Byalee on the biggest weekend of the year ... literally hundreds of man hours go into the preparation and execution of every Auction of the Stars, from decorating the arena to filling the temporary stables to printing out the lot numbers, to fitting together the VIP table jigsaw puzzle!! So very many people help us to help buyers achieve their dreams.

And a special thanks to our sponsors: IRT Insurance, which has come on board with beautiful saddlecloths and engraved halters for each and every horse we ride and sell - both Ryans and Byalee have used IRT to transport our horses internationally and we wouldn't use anyone else! Cheryl Dodd was on hand all weekend to help us our, thanks Cheryl! Prydes, who clothed us in flash new t-shirts to keep our massive team looking smart, as well as contributing 20 bags of feed as lucky door prizes ... Tuffrock, whose amazing products work wonders for us all (again, donating lucky door prizes) ... Horse Deals magazine, which couldn't do more to help promote our stallions, our auctions and our horses (there were plenty of magazines around to read if Heath's magic wore off, plus a great lucky door prize of goodies, thanks Michelle and your creative team!), and Wholly Relics, a fascinating antique shop on the highway at East Maitland opposite Maitland Toyota - congratulations to the lucky winner of our annual lucky door prize, an antique ruby stock pin!!! Make sure you call in to see a glimpse of the past!

Thanks also to:
Wild Colt for the live streaming - so many people called and texted after going online
Equissage - improving performance and recovery
Horse Force - supplying Auction of the Stars with legal contracts
Foalsafe foaling and colic alarms - tested at Byalee Stables and we cannot recommend them highly enough
Kirkwoods Produce - shop local here in the HUnter and support the people who support Auction of the Stars

If any of the horses you liked were passed in, please contact us or contact the vendors. Losing bidders had first dibs for 15 minutes after the close of auction; they are now up for sale to all.

And don't forget next year's auctions are planned for July 2016 and December 2016

See you next year!!


June 2014 - Auction of the Stars, NSW
Horseworld Stadium, 191 Maguires Rd, Maraylya NSW

Nominations are now closed for this auction! Catalogue is in production and will be posted up here very soon!


June 2013 - Auction of the Stars, NSW

29-30th June,Sydney Polo Club,
100 Ridges Lane, Richmond

Please visit and thank our Sponsors...
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Download the June Catalogue (PDF 3.9 MB)


March 2013 - Auction of the Stars, VIC
16-17th March, Oakwood Riding School, North Clyde, Victoria

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September 2012 - Auction of the Stars, QLD

Download the nomination form (PDF 480 kb)
Nominations open until August 3rd.

2nd / 3rd June 2012
Auction of the Stars, NSW

Venue: Sydney Polo Club
100 Ridges Lane, Richmond

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March 2012 - Auction of the Stars, VIC
31st March / 1st April
Oakwood Riding School, North Clyde, Victoria

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December 2011 Heatherbrae Auction:

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September 2011, Gold Coast Auction - results now available!

September QLD auction Catalogue now also available for
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December 2011 - Auction of the Stars, NSW

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Nominations open until September 23rd.

September 17-18 2011 - Auction of the Stars, QLD

Venue: Plumbolah Equestrian Centre,
50 Whittings Rd Guanaba, Gold Coast

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June 2011, Sydney Auction - results now available!

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June 25-26 2011 - Auction of the Future Stars, NSW

Venue: Sydney Polo Club, Richmond

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June 2011 - Auction of the Future Stars, NSW

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Results now available for Auction of the Future Stars, VIC!

Auction of the Future Stars, VICTORIA

Nominations have now closed and
the March 2011 Auction Online Catalogue is now available!
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2011 Auction Dates:

5/6 March - Victoria
25/26 June - Sydney
17/18 September - Queensland
3/4 December - Heatherbrae, NSW

Results are now available for the November Auction!


November 2010 - Auction of the Stars, NSW:

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July auction results now available!


July 2010 - Auction of the Future Stars, QLD:

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July 2010 - Auction of the Future Stars, QLD:

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 Online catalogue also available for viewing!


Auction of the Future Stars - Highlands EC, NSW
May 15 & 16

Results now available!


Video footage of all Ryans lots, and AEA Burong lots is available for the May Auction, Southern Highlands, NSW.


Individual information on the April Auction Lots, and the
May Auction Lots
, with some video clips, are now available.


March Auction results, available now!

May Auction - nominations now closed for Southern Highlands auction... Catalogue available soon!

July Auction - nominations for the Toowoomba auction will be opening soon... Check back here to download the nomination form.


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Auction of the Future Stars - NSW

Date: 15th & 16th May 2009

Venue: Highlands Equestrian Centre
Illawarra Highway
Sutton Forest, NSW

Download the Nomination Form 

2009 Performance Horse Auction
Pictorial Report

The Sunday auction was preceded by a spectacular masterclass from breaker to Grand Prix on the Saturday night, showing off a dozen horses of different pedigrees and charting their course to the top, commentated by Heath Ryan, Rozzie Ryan, Ann-Maree Lourey and Dirk Dijkstra.

Hundreds of people enjoyed a balmy evening with plenty of free wine and beer and barbecue foods as they watched on in the Ryans' indoor at the Newcastle Equestrian Centre.

Everyone who attended had the chance to win a $500 1889 sterling silver and rose gold horseshoe brooch from our sponsors Martin and Stein Antique Jewellers.

... The masterclass:
Heath winds up

Byalee Briar glows

Rozzie and Jive Magic

Ann-Maree and Byalee Romance

... The auction:

Bradgate Park Magnum is trialled

The crowd!

Southern Joop paraded before auction

Gundaroo Rhapsody goes under the hammer


Equestrian Dinner & Dance

The next Auction of the Stars Performance Horse Auction, 21st-22nd November, will be preceded by an Equestrian Dinner and Dance held at the neighboring Heritage Reception Centre on Friday 20th November.

Download the Dinner & Dance Flyer
Visit the Heritage Reception Centre website


Best clearance ever !

Auction of the Stars held one of its most successful sales at the weekend despite the alleged gloom and doom of the current economic climate.

Hundreds of buyers and onlookers gathered at the Highland Equestrian Centre at Sutton Forest in the Southern Highlands of NSW for an evening masterclass with free barbecue and drinks on Saturday night - highlights included a display by young 4yo Jive champions Jacaranda R and Joep R, and young Regardez Moi dressage star Dance Avec Moi. It was also the first time in the masterclass for the Ryans' young stallion Fiji R. 

The bad news from the policiticans was the last thing on the mind of audience on Sunday as the Auction of the Stars team moved into top gear to sell 16 of the 18 lots on offer - a clearance of almost 90%.

Top-priced lot of the day was Lot 7, the beautiful Salute/Ludendorf mare Shirley R, which sold fo $19,000 after some extremely determined bidding on the part of two enthusiastic buyers!

Top-priced foal was Jamelia R, the Jive Magic/Regardez Moi/Ludendorf/Faleten cross filly - it just goes to show that position in the catalogue is irrelevant, since she was second last to go and yet sold for $16,500.

Lot 1, Jete R (Jive Magic/Copernicus/Zwion) sold fo $16,000 as did Lot 4, Jermyn Street R (Jive Magic/Richmeed Medallion/Ludendorf).

Lot 5, Falcon Disco Hit (Royal Hit/Jet Set D), also sold for $16,000 and looked to be a sensational competition horse in the making.

The bargain to be snapped up (and there is always the chance of a bargain at an auction!)was a 12yo TB mare in foal to Byalee Romance for $2300 - the young warmblood stallion by Regardez Moi crosses beautifully with TB mares and the foal is likely to worth four times what was spent on the mare, which in fact was a winner at preliminary dressage as well.  You just never know what you might collect if you are brave enough to bid, and it mightn't be as difficult to find a foothold in the warmblood world as you think!

Heath Ryan was of course entertaining the crowd on the mike and assured everyone who asked after his health post-stroke that he was "fine, just fine, just feel like I'm a bit drunk".

Heath was happy to explain to all who asked that there was NO chance of him having another stroke - the stroke was caused by a blood clot courtesy of deep vein thrombosis on the flight home from LA, the clot was only able to travel to his brain stem thanks to an undiagnosed hole in his heart, and now that the clot has been thinned and his heart is to be fixed tomorrow, he has permission to "get as excited as I want"!! And we are sure he will - no doubt at the next auction in Toowoomba on August 15/16. Thanks to all who have emailed and sent messages with best wishes for Heath's recovery.

Auction of the Stars would like to thank Jenny and Tim Court for their hospitality in allowing the Auction of the Stars team to invade Highlands Equestrian Centre for the weekend - 20-plus people and almost 30 horses - and they were wonderful hosts.

Those interested in nominated youngstock for the Auction of the Future Stars should be busy preparing their nominations, which close on June 8.

We look forward to seeing you all in Toowoomba!


Auction of the Future Stars, QLD

15-16th August 2009,

at: Toowoomba Showgrounds
Toowoomba, Queensland

Now open for nominations!
Download the Nomination Form (300 KB)


Auction of the Future Stars - NSW

Date: 23rd & 24th May 2009

Venue: Highlands Equestrian Centre
Illawarra Highway
Sutton Forest, NSW

Download the Catalogue (PDF 3.5MB)

Can't make it to the auction on the day? Fill out a  Phone Bid Form (112 KB) and send it in to us. We'll call you and take your bids over the phone as the auction happens.


Auction of the Stars lights up Mornington Peninsula

GLOOM and doom, warned the panic merchants in the run up to the latest Auction of the Stars sale, held at Boneo Park on the Mornington Peninsula earlier this month.

How can you expect to sell horses in a State ravaged by bushfires and in the middle of a just-announced recession , they asked?

Well ... you can present quality horses , you can meet the market, and you can go home with near-empty trucks.

The directors of Auction of the Stars, Grand Prix riders Heath Ryan and Ann-Maree Lourey, sold eight of eight and four of six horses respectively, proving that the market did in fact recognise quality when it was presented.

It was a new venue and special thanks to all the crew at Boneo for showing us such great hospitality - it's pretty different when the auction team, some 20-odd people, moves in on you! But that's the kind of back-up we need to take our show around the country, introducing a selection of stallions with truly amazing Grand Prix genetics and offering for sale some of their mind-blowing progeny.

Top price of the sale was the beautiful Jive Magic mare Janet R, out of a top Salute mare and in foal to Regardez Moi. She continued the recent AOS trend of top-selling Jive mares sold in foal.

Although Janet wasn't broken in, as was Jinx R and Jewel R at previous auctions, she was a four-year-old with superb movement, an obviously easy temperament and offered the bonus of being able to become a competition horse after the foal is weaned. Heath emphasised that she was available only because he had full sisters and already had a filly foal from her. Limited by his property constraints, he was able to offer top bloodlines whilst maintaining his broodmare herd at about 45.

The auction on the afternoon of Sunday, March 8, followed a hugely successful masterclass with the stallions the night before. Hundreds of people turned up to share in a free bbq with lots of free wine, and the chance to watch six top stallions strut their stuff. In order of education, the stallions showed the training regimes of their riders, beginning with the newest import, AEA Tuschinsky, ridden by Dirk Dijkstra. He hasn't yet competed - it was his first outing - and he carried it off with aplomb. Next to go was the handsome palomino warmblood stallion Byalee Briar, this time with Heath Ryan in the saddle as Ann-Maree Lourey warmed up Byalee Romance ... and they showed the gradual progression in training with Briar, a preliminary dressage champion already, and Romance, now a 6yo, demonstrating work that bridges the gap from novice to medium level, and beginning work on piaffe steps. Next was AEA Metallic, who famously gives Dirk a reason to get up and ride every day! And Jive Magic with Rozzie Ryan showed the work involved in making the giant leap from small tour to big tour. His piaffe is truly amazing.

After that, Heath was back again on Regardez Moi to the accompaniment of Elvis Presley in celebration of the combination's imminent representation at the World Cup Dressage Final in Las Vegas. He had promised a preview of his Pirates of the Caribbean freestyle in a practice run for their American competition and he did not disappoint, moving out of the indoor to gather the crowd around the outside arena . As he so tactfully put it, there was once a Portuguese pirate way back in his family tree, so he was simply carrying on the family tradition, piloting his own equine Black Pearl around the arena.

You'll see the AOS team back again in Victoria next year - come and say hello!


March Auction Results now available!


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Auction of the Future Stars - VICTORIA - 2009

7th & 8th March
at NEW VENUE: Boneo Park
312 Boneo Road, Boneo, Victoria

If you have a beautifully bred foal, young horse or broodmare for sale,
then this is the time and the place to do it -
Nominations close 19th January!


28 beautiful horses have now been confirmed for our Sparkling Spring Sale on 27-28 September 2008! All lot details, photographs and some video previews are now available! Check out our September Auction page. Or download the Catalogue (Adobe PDF 1.67mb)

Saturday 27th:
11 am - trialling of ridden horses commences in small groups following Lot Number order.
6 pm - Stallion Masterclass and Cocktail Party commences - Free Entry!

Sunday 28th:
11.30 am - Parade of Auction Lots
1.30 pm - Auction begins!

Make sure to mark these dates in your calendar - one lucky guest at the Saturday night Stallion Masterclass & Cocktail Party will win a half-carat diamond, thanks to Martin & Stein - Finest Antique Jewellery!

... and in the meantime you can:
> check out the NEW Ryans Stallion Video online!
Included is an interview with Heath talking about Auction of the Stars.

AOS Performance Horse Auction 2008

27-28th September
at NEW VENUE: Newcastle Equestrian Centre
Pacific Hwy, Heatherbrae NSW

If you have a top class performance horse for sale,
then this is the time and the place to do it -
Nominations close 21st July!
Download Catalogue (Adobe PDF 1.67mb)


Auction of the Future Stars, Toowoomba
July auction results now available

July Auction 2008

Auction of the Stars is pleased to announce that July 6 2008
is the date of our first Qld auction, to be held at Toowoomba Showground.



Regardez Moi and Heath Ryan were reserve team members for the Australian team chosen to represent the country at the Olympic qualifier at SIEC early in February. Heath was chosen on the team on Greenoaks Dundee and was unable to ride both of his Grand Prix rides at international level.

Regardez Moi competed brilliantly in the national class to win the Inter II, the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix freestyle with percentages of up to 67.7%

Jive Magic competed in the small tour run concurrently at SIEC - to win both the PSG and the Inter I with percentages of up to 67.3%.

Byalee Romance, who had just won his first dressage championship when EI hit the country, was recently named the Official Preliminary Horse of the Year for the biggest dressage club in the State, Alexander Park Dressage Club.

Don't miss all of the AOS stallions, including the young Byalee Briar who is now sweetly under saddle, at the next masterclass at our Victorian Auction of the Future Stars in May.

For any inquiries about the auctions
phone (02) 4987 4755
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